Paramedic Job Canada

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The Paramedic Job Canada: Paramedics work in very stressful conditions and may work variable hours and shifts including week-ends and nights. Most of them do work overtime. The average work week in Canada is 35 hours per week. More often than not, the Paramedic is most often the first medical responder on the emergency or accident scene.

The Paramedic job description in Canada changes depending on the location of where the Paramedic is employed and the most importantly the work that the Paramedic is doing. In most Canadian provinces the Paramedic works an average of 35 hours per week. Some of these workers, especially those working in service fields such as fire and police departments are on call for extended periods of time.

Many people depend on the Paramedic to treat, transport and help to save their life or that of a loved one. A paramedic that has acquired additional training in specialized areas can move into other types of medical positions with the chance to earn more money. A Paramedic can treat and provide emergency care for the sick and injured, as well as provide needed transportation to hospitals and other types of medical facilities.

Working Conditions
The majority of Paramedics work in various settings. Working conditions are similar to those experienced by the firefighter or police officers. They may be on call for long periods of time. They are required to work in adverse weather conditions and at varied times of the day. During emergencies or disasters they may work many days in a row. The work may be outdoors, in buildings or on the road when responding to vehicle accidents.

Training and Qualifications; Paramedic Job in Canada
Training to become a basic paramedic may require a vocational course of approximately 16 weeks and may include other higher education courses. This will vary according to the province or territory in which they live and work.

Paramedic’s achieve different levels of skills corresponding to a basic, intermediate and advanced level. Each level requires progressively more training.

Advanced Paramedics will typically enroll and graduate from a program that lasts approximately 2 years. Along with the basic medical training additional courses in biology, chemistry, math and statistics may be required to obtain an associate’s degree.

Paramedics who desire to become teachers usually acquire a 4 or 6 year degree

Licensing and Credentials
Paramedic positions are regulated in each and every Canadian province, but not necessarily in individual Canadian Territories. The Provincial Department of Health regulates Paramedics if there is not a regulatory body in the territory.

The NOCP (National Occupational Competency Profile) and the CMA (Canadian Medical Association) not only define Paramedic positions, but also set Canada’s national standards for paramedics.

To be licensed to perform the Paramedic job in Canada you must have:
Completed an approved Paramedic program in emergency medicine and various health care procedures.
Completed a supervised paramedic practicum experience.
Received a paramedic license from a regulatory body.
Obtained an additional driver’s license for operating an emergency medical vehicle.

Socialized Medicine
In Canada, Socialized Medicine makes sure that all Canadian citizens are assured medical care for themselves and their family under the Canadian health care system. This health care program provides Canadians preventative, as well as daily medical care from doctors. This ensures all Canadian citizens access to good medical and health care. Nearly all Canadian citizens, regardless of income or medical history qualify for this unique medical care.

The majority of Paramedics are employed in both provinces and territories across Canada. More often than not, their wages are tied to their training and the job description. As with many other positions, paramedics have the opportunity to advance and make more money by advancing their education and with additional training.