Athletic Trainer Job Canada

Integrated in the Athletic trainer job Canada is the capability of creating traditional work outs. Athletic trainers help prevent and treat injuries for people of all ages. Their clients include everyone from professional athletes to industrial workers. Athletic trainers are often one of the first heath care providers on the scene when injuries occur, and therefore must be able to recognize, evaluate, and assess injuries and provide immediate care when needed. They also are heavily involved in the rehabilitation and reconditioning of injuries.

Working conditions and hours for the athletic trainer job in Canada are variable. The athletic trainer job description includes being able to interact frequently with doctors, athletes and other professionals. They work in a variety of settings including for professional sports teams. The job also might require standing for long periods, working with medical equipment or machinery, and being able to walk, run, kneel, crouch, stoop, or crawl. Some travel may be required. Hours of work include some evenings, week-ends and may include working up to 12 hours a day. A typical work week may be from 35 to 70 hours a week. Athletic trainers with professional sports teams may experience weeks of very long hours during sports seasons.

Training and Qualifications
Formal education and training requirements for athletic trainers includes a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college. A major in athletic training is required for those desiring to be board certified.

Licensing and Credentialing
In most Canadian provinces and territories athletic trainers are regulated. The usual method to be a credentialed and licensed athletic trainer is:
1) Possess the amount of training and/or a degree from an accredited school.
2) Pass a licensing exam
3) Become board certified
4) Apply for licensure in the province where you want to work.

Socialized Medicine
In Canada, Socialized Medicine makes sure that all Canadian citizens are assured medical care for themselves and their family under the Canadian health care system. This health care program provides Canadians preventative, as well as daily medical care from doctors. This ensures all Canadian citizens access to good medical and health care. Nearly all Canadian citizens, regardless of income or medical history qualify for this unique medical care.

Significant Points of the Athletic Trainer Job Canada
Athletic Trainer to be licensed must be board certified and possess a Bachelor's degree in athletic training.

Employment is expected to increase faster than average as aging boomers and rapidly expanding healthcare needs drive up the demand for healthcare overall.

Athletic trainers who want to include sports teams in their job description may experience more challenges in finding employment.

This job description may require you to be athletic and in very good physical condition.