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Health care salary information is available for 30 occupations in Canada. If you have ever wondered what a physician earns in Canada or how much a registered nurse earns in British Columbia, Canada this site will answer that question.  Healthcare salaries in Canada are determined from a variety of factors.  Basic healthcare in Canada is a country wide system known as socialized or universal healthcare. All canadian citiziens are entitled to basic healthcare as established by the government.  Additional healthcare insurance can be purchased to give the consumer a form of premium healthcare. 

Healthcare workers in Canada are also unionized and wages are set through a combination of negotiation and government mandate.  Of course, with the U.S. being such a close neighbor it may be assumed that wages are influenced to some extent as the Canadian healthcare system does have to provide wages high enough to keep healthcare workers from crossing the border to work in the U.S.

Other factors that influence wages are demand, education, complexity of the work, and even geographical location.  Canada is home to some of the most remote communities in the world and this geographical isolation impacts both availability of healthcare and wages.

All healthcare professionals are regulated in varying degrees.  Licensing and/or certification are required in each province.  

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